We provide our customers with a full portfolio of standard and specialized air freight solutions. Our global network enables us to offer worldwide coverage and local know-how to our customers for all export, import and cross trade shipments by air. Our air freight experts offer special service levels depending on the lead time given to us guarantee that the goods arrive at destination within the requisite schedule. Our relationship with most of the major Airlines and Charter operators gives us the upper edge of guaranteed space and pricing. We focus on the trustworthiness of the services we provide, make sure that all documents are in order for imports or exports prior to the shipment arrival or departure on either side. We continue to monitor, study and ease the formalities for the benefit of our customers.


  • Broader network coverage across Africa
  • Wide variety of routes
  • Fast & Reliable shipping
  • Tailored solutions for business-specific needs
  • Defined scheduling
  • Proper handling of goods by first class carriers
  • Integrated door-to-door service
  • Online tracking combined with regular SMS updates
  • Great transparency during entire process
  • Maximum security

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