Today’s fast paced businesses depends largely on security, cost effectiveness and timely delivery. At Masters Air Cargo, we are not just called the “Masters” for nothing but for the works we are noted to master in.

Being a licensed Customs clearing agency with a national and international collaborations with air lines, warehouses and customs authorities, we have provided exceptional customs clearing agent services to our clients to ensure that their consignments are cleared from customs at minimal costs and in a timely manner. We focus on customs regulations and internal customs compliance programs, ensure adherence to special tariff rules, and provide improved information management.

In today’s world, solving import and export related issues will improve anyone’s trading business. That’s why you want a business partner who consistently delivers on promises, offers cost effective solutions and can respond to the unique needs of your business.

Our Customs Clearing Services include:

  • Consultancy and Guidance services.
  • Preparation and handling of documents.
  • Liaison and follow up with various Gov’t Organisations.
  • Preparing Invoice for international shipping.
  • All formalities and endorsements.
  • Advance Licence and several other export benefits.

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